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The Introvigne Funeral Home, Inc. is housed in what was originally a home for a local mill owner, William H. Smith. Mr. Smith built the Victorian mansion in the 1850s across the street from his business partner, William H. Cooley, for him and his family to live. It was converted to a funeral home in 1938 when the building was purchased by Richard Y. Browne. The building remained completely original until 1980, when Joseph A. Introvigne added a garage to the rear. Besides being updated throughout the years, the facility was renovated in 2002 when a large chapel was added to the rear of the building, a vastly expanded parking area was added in 2006, the carport was renovated in 2008, and the building had new carpet installed in 2014. We have made a commitment to the families we serve by keeping our facilities up to date so they have a homelike place to come to honor and pay respect to their loved one.

Built in the 1850s as a home by local mill owner William H. Smith, the Victorian mansion now houses our funeral home. It is built of brownstone with a granite base, and features all original woodwork in the old section of the house. It was renovated in 2002 and provides families and friends with a comfortable, homelike atmosphere.
Introvigne Funeral Home, Inc.
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